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Crafted to remove gluten
Dedicated craft beer drinkers love these traditional ales, made with a unique ingredient – quinoa. They pair beautifully with food, and are a taste experience on their own.
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Belle Chasse
Distilled from GMO-free wheat
Our master distiller in France combines GMO free wheat and pure limestone spring water to deliver the taste characteristics of vodka desired by the most sophisticated mixologists.
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Ballykeefe Distillery
Our Fields to Your Glass
Ballykeefe is steeped in rich Irish culture and traditions, these are combined with the very best of today’s technology and practices to ensure lowest carbon footprint and highest levels of sustainability.
Bartender mixing a drink with FAIR Vodka, sustainable quinoa vodka
Superior quality and taste

Enjoy our
beverages responsibly

Bay Pac is a different kind of beverage company… We produce, import and distribute beverages from around the world that are made with unique, natural, sustainably farmed ingredients. When a consumer purchases one of our brands, they can be assured that they have chosen quality, purity, taste and social responsibility.
Bay Pac measures its success by the quality of our products and our commitment to helping preserve a healthy world for the future.
Jack Bays, CEO

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