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Artisan Irish Family Farm Distillery

Welcome to Ballykeefe Distillery

Ballykeefe is an artisan Irish-owned on-farm distillery, producing a super premium whiskey, a distinctive gin, a potato vodka and an accessible new age poitin. Situated in the heartland of Ireland near the medieval capital of Kilkenny, Ballykeefe is richly steeped in Irish culture and traditions. This heritage, combined with the very best of today’s technology and practices, ensures superior beverages, while maintaining 100% sustainability and respect for the environment.

As a distillery on an Irish family farm, it’s Ballykeefe from the time barley seeds are sown in the fields to the bottling of a fine whiskey years later right there on the farm. Ballykeefe ensures personal care and quality assurance at every stage of the process, carrying on the Gaelic heritage associated with ‘uisce beatha’ (water of life).

Full-flavored, organic, low gluten ales:

Ballykeefe is situated in the heartland of Ireland, near the medieval capital of Kilkenny. The region is steeped in Irish heritage and tradition, holding the unique distinction of being the birthplace of Irish Whiskey.

100% Self Sustainable

We are proudly, and intentionally eco-friendly


Morgan & Anne Ging wanted to revive a lost tradition of family farm distilling and in so doing hand on to their children a more diverse, ecological and sustainable family operation. The opening of the first whiskey distillery in over 200 years in the medevial capital of Ireland, also restores a historical Irish custom of family farm distilleries from centuries past. Barley is grown on the farm, pure spring water comes from an aquifer on the property, and by-products of the distillation are fed to the farm cattle. There is thus no off-farm waste to contaminate the environment. This unique system is a perfect example of a 100% sustainable operation. We call it ‘Our Field to Your Glass’.

Building Eco-Friendly Partnerships

Everyone benefits from a greener world and we are delighted to be doing our part as we produce a delicious series of Irish beverages. Ballykeefe Distillery is especially excited to team up with Bord Bia (Origin Green) and a number of Ireland’s distinguished academic institutions as strategic partners to advance the protection of our beautiful environment.

Our Products

From Our Fields to Your Glass

Ballykeefe Irish Whiskey

Traditional Irish whiskey requires a three-pot distillation process, preferably in copper stills. The Ballykeefe Master Distiller is a renowned artisan. He uses farm-grown barley, pure limestone spring water and most importantly, his know-how to determine the best ‘cut’ from each brew to distill and age in casks for at least three years.

Ballykeefe Extra Dry Irish Gin

12 carefully selected botanicals are gently vapour infused through a copper pot still and then hand-blended with pure Ballykeefe spring water, by our Award Winning Master Distiller, to create a gin of true provenance and distinctive pedigree.

Ballykeefe Artisan Irish Potato Vodka

Distilled 6 times through our bespoke copper still, then hand blended with pure Ballykeefe spring water, this superior vodka will both surprise and delight you in equal measures.

Ballykeefe Distillery

From the birthplace of Irish Whiskey.