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Belle Chasse

Exceptional taste. Distilled in France.
Belle Chasse - Bottle Design

Creating a Quality Vodka

Meet Belle Chasse

Cognac, France

Contrary to popular belief and marketing hype, the quality and taste of premium vodka is determined by the skill of the master distiller rather than by the number of distillations and filtrations. In our search for where to produce our vodka, we carefully evaluated many locations around the world, and finally selected a boutique distillery in the Cognac region of France. Distillation has been perfected here over the past 400 years, and the art of distilling is part of the culture.

The Hunt

Artemis, Greek goddess of the hunt, symbolizes our search for the perfect vodka, which we believe we’ve found. She’s on our label, reminding us of that ‘beautiful hunt’.

GMO Free

We use only the highest quality French wheat, which is guaranteed to be GMO free.

Unique & Distinct

While this exceptional vodka will please even the most demanding vodka lover, we had the professional mixologist and bar manager in mind when developing it. The combination of distinctive taste, a bottle designed for use in the well, and an approachable price distinguishes Belle Chasse from common vodkas available everywhere.

Bottle Design

Bottle structure and design is another important factor. Professionals want a lightweight bottle with a broad base and a neck that is easy to hold while pouring. It also shouldn’t be too tall, since height affects the balance and maneuverability. Glass is the material of choice as it protects flavor quality and can be easily recycled. The special closure is designed for ease of use.

For the Mixologist

We interviewed top mixologists to understand what they felt was most important in their choice of a vodka. We learned that their first priority is to have the highest quality liquid. This means a vodka that is neutral, with a smooth approach and a pleasantly warm finish… a spirit that doesn’t need hiding and one that blends seamlessly with a palette of flavors, thus enabling the mixologist to create interesting drinks that are not overpowered by the vodka.

For the Bar Manager

As we talked with bar managers, we learned that their priorities were the same as their mixologists… with the added requirement of value. In other words, a high quality vodka at a reasonable price.

Unparalleled Character

Exceptional taste at an affordable price


This exceptional vodka was designed specifically for the professional mixologist at work or at home, some of the most discerning consumers of all. We asked them details about their preferences and listened carefully. They told us that their most important priority is a product that meets the highest organoleptic standards….exciting the senses (taste, appearance and aroma)


Sophisticated mixologists prefer a vodka that offers a neutral taste, blends seamlessly with a series of other flavors, has a smooth approach and a pleasant warm finish. The secret of achieving this lies with our master distiller, who delicately combines GMO free wheat and pure limestone spring water to deliver these taste characteristics. This is where the art of distilling is key, not fancy equipment.

Our Packaging

Exceptional taste at an affordable price

Bottle Design

Professionals understand and care about ergonomics. They want a lightweight bottle with a broad base, easy to hold neck, a height that fits comfortably in the well and an overall balance that avoids stress with repetitive pouring. Many of these considerations apply to the home environment as well, where a bottle should be functional, not just glitzy.


The Stelvin℠ speed closure used for Belle Chasse protects flavor quality and is easy to open. Glass is the material of choice, mixologists told us. It gives consumers confidence in the quality and durability of the container, protects product quality, and is easy to recycle.

Our Value

The difference is obvious


Many vodkas position themselves as premium products today, and spend more money on a fancy bottle and marketing than on the vodka itself. We choose to put quality inside the bottle instead, making Belle Chasse the perfect choice for a drinkable mixable house vodka..


The combination of GMO free wheat, distinctively crafted taste, ergonomically designed bottle and affordable price distinguishes Belle Chasse from other alternative vodkas available today. Try Belle Chasse… the difference is obvious.

Meet your new house vodka.

Ask for Belle Chasse at your nearest store, bar, or club.